Beyond the obvious increase in customer satisfaction that comes with offering customization, there are several other advantages to consider. Customization also offers you:

  • Immediate real time feedback from customers about what products they actually want -- our farm members average 85-93% participation in customization for each delivery. This helps you only grow what members really want to eat.
  • The possibility to integrate other local producers into your offerings seamlessly. Members can easily see and purchase additional local items alongside the products from your farm. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.
  • Smarter use of your production area. Customization means that you can build boxes around combo items so you don't always have to have exactly the right number of veggies to match your membership numbers. Grow less of those veggies that aren't quite as popular and just offer them as trade in items.
  • The ability to seamlessly sell your products to a la carte members side by side with CSA members.
  • Increased sales. When members feel as though their farmers are being generous, they are more likely to turn that generosity back around and buy more.
  • A clear view of who your best members are, so you can work to serve them better.

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