Happy Farmers
Makes member management a breeze:
  • Web based signup system
  • Member accounts easily track billing and payments as well as customer info
  • Keeps your inbox simple by eliminating the need for many email exchanges
  • Integrated payment acceptance services
  • Provides feedback about your subscribers preferences
  • Reduces all customer orders to a simple harvest list
  • Tracks sales from the smallest details to the biggest picture
  • Flexible routing features that your delivery driver will love
  • Generates label stickers and individual order lists for easy box packing
  • Integrates optional subscriptions, like a bread, cheese, or fruit share.
  • Admin can customize many elements, like farm credit limits, free home delivery amounts, etc.
Happy Members
Through the integrated mobile-friendly customer interface, members can:
  • Customers never receive something they know they don’t want. Customizable subscription service offers full choice.
  • Members are not required to order the same amount of food each delivery, but also don’t lose subscription value for smaller orders
  • Easily cancel orders for vacation or any other reason without losing subscription value.
  • Flexible pickup spot options, including home delivery.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Opt in for text and/or email delivery notifications and login reminders
  • Still works seamlessly for customers that are looking for a traditional CSA experience.
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