Farmer Developed Software

The groundwork for HappyCSA was laid in 2010, when we began designing a software solution that would allow our own CSA members to customize share deliveries. We had belonged to a CSA while living in San Diego in 2004 and seen first hand how receiving an uncustomized veggie box could lead to food waste. When we began farming in 2007, we started with a traditional CSA model. But being the farmers on the other side of the CSA box helped solidify our confidence that customization was key to CSA success. A very basic software solution was born as a result.

Our software has been updated and customized to meet the real-life needs of the farm we owned until 2021. It is continuously being improved based on the changing landscape of member's needs and expectations, and we base these improvements on feedback from the farmers who license our software. If you are looking for a way to better serve your customers while also making your life as a CSA farmer easier, we're confident that HappyCSA has a lot to offer. Contact us at happycsasoftware@gmail.com for more info.

Steve & Sunshine Vortigern